While many users of Church Secretary for Windows 2019 may use their own dedicated Calendar program, I have included rudimentary Event Scheduler feature for those that might find it helpful.

This calendar feature is similar to many other programs.  A date navigator on the left allows you to quickly locate and go to the current date as well as go forward or backward to other dates.  Thre are multiple views for the calendar.  The first shown is a week view, but there are many other views available by just right clicking on the calendar.

Day View shown with recurring events.

Monthly view.

There is an Agenda view.

There is also a Time line view.

You can also use the print preview option to print your events.

Just a quick look at creating a new Event.  Let's say the Preacher and Church are booked for a Wedding.  Let's add that appointment and set an alarm.  Enter a subject, be sure to set the Start Date and time and the End Date and Time.  Initally the end day may be the next day.  Select Label, Status and Location.  Then enter an description.  Finally, choose a Notification from the drop down list which may be days or hours or minutes

If you set the Reminder then a notification like below will pop up to alert you to the upcoming event.