The installation of the program is pretty straightforward but here are some notes that may be helpful.  The program should run on just about any computer running MIcrosoft Windows but I recommend Windows 7 or Windows 10.  The system requirements are technically no different than the system requirements to run Microsoft Windows but I do recommend a large monitor and if you have 8 megs of RAM the program will obviously run much faster than a computer with just 4 or 2 megabytes of RAM.  The full installation is over 200 megabytes but I recommend at least 1 gigabyte free after installation.  NOTE:  Most computers will run this program just fine.  Start up will take some time as many things are going to be loaded into memory before you login.

This version, like past versions will run on either 32 bit or 64 bit versions of Windows.  

The default installation is to C:\Program Files (x86)\ChurchSecretary2019 with the database installed to C:\inetpub\wwwroot\db - this is important to know for 2 reasons.

1).  If after evaluating the program you decide you want to buy a church license and continue using the program, after your order is complete you will receive a file that will remove the trial limitation when you save this license file to the same folder as the program executable (which is named ChurchSecretary2019.Win.exe ).

2)  The location of the database is also important so you can take backups - copy the .mdb file to USB perhaps to work from home if you have the program installed on work and home computers, and if you will be using the program shared on a server for example on your local area network.  In this case after each user has installed the program on their computer and you have copied one copy of the database file to a shared folder where each user has read/write permission and then edit the ChurchSecretary2019.Win.exe.config file with the new shared folder.  So if for example you have  a shared folder named like P:\public you would want to edit the config file to point to this location as in:  "Data Source=P:\public\ChurchSecretary2019.mdb"  

While the documentation (this file and some videos on the web site) may show many families and members and related records, when you install Church Secretary for Windows 2019 these sample records will not be there.  You will need to being adding your own family, member and other information.  You should really add a few records to all the main files before you begin looking at the provided dashboards and reports.  There won't be much to report on until you have added some data.