Many of the Main Files you will edit have drop down lists to choose from saving you time and insuring consistent data entry.  These are often "related" to the Main Files.  For example, Contributions may have related Funds.  Each Fund may have many related Contributions.  This is a 1 to Many type of relationship.  One church member may make many contributions again 1 to Many type of relationship.  However, a Contribution may not be attributed to more than one member.  Consider a different relationship - Many to Many.  The Talents related table is such an example.  Many member of your church may have the same Talent while that Talent may have many members that have that talent.

So when first starting to use Church Secretary for Windows 2019 it might be good to start by setting up the Related Tables, like Classes.  Then when you begin recording attendance records the class names will already be available.  However, if you prefer you can add related tables "on the fly".  When adding a new Attendance Record, for example, if you have not yet created the Class Name you can click the New button to add it right then.