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This page has links for you to purchase a license for the desktop application and antoher link to purchase web hosting only for your church on our web site.  

New as of May 21, 2017 - Click Below to buy a church for the new LITE Edition of Church Secretary for Windows - just $45.

Click below to buy a church license for Church Secretary for Windows 2017 - desktop application. $99 for up to 5 computers/users.

Windows Application Only

Click below to buy a web hosted version of Church Secretary for Windows 2017.  Your church site will be hosted with a URL off the main https://www.churchsecretaryforwindows.com web site in a separate database from any other church.  Your site may be hosted off our churchsecretary.net web hosting site.  The annual hosting cost to you is $120 no matter how many members you have in your church or how many staff members will be logging in regardless of the type of device they use to access the web pages.  NOTE:  You can enter as many records as you need to for families, members as needed.  It is not intended for you to create an individual login for each of your members for them to login.  It is is for the church secretary (or preacher) or small staff to login and enter, udpate and report on all types of information.  

NOTE:  Price break may be available for subsequent hosting renewal years.

Hosted only - Allow up to 2 business days for site to be setup and to receive email with instructions.  No setup fee at this time.

A third option will be added soon.  This will be a hosted site/database with remote desktop access to the same database (Microsoft SQL Server ).  

Copyright 2017 - Dennis Baggott All rights reserved.
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